by cherise

Jun 23, 2022

Upgrade your website to PHP 8.0 before 3 October 2022

This is the final warning!…  If your website is hosted with xneelo (or possibly another hosting provider such as bluehost, hostgator, and others), please be reminded that PHP 7.4 will no longer be supported on these hosting platforms from 3 October 2022 onwards. Any website(s) on these version will be automatically upgraded to PHP 8.0.

Should I upgrade?

YES! Applications that run on the latest versions of both PHP—and their supporting frameworks and libraries—make it possible to develop new features and maintain the codebase more efficiently. Basically, upgrading will eliminate any frequent bugs and unexpected behaviors and provide improved data processing, which can boost your site’s speed and performance.

What can go wrong?

If your website package does not include monthly scheduled updates/maintenance, you might be in for a huge shock when your website is not displayed on Google anymore… If your website(s) theme, plugins, and yes, even WordPress version, is not up to date, it may cause your website to break.

What can I do?

Contact us if you are having any problems with your website not being displayed after the upgrade.

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